Mickette (A adopter avec Lily)

Mickette (A adopter avec Lily)

Sexe : Femelle

Age : 1 an 1/2

Race : Européen

En quelques mots : Affectueuse, curieuse, dynamique

En famille d’accueil à Uccle

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Lily (A adopter avec Mickette)

*Autre chat indispensable*, *Accès extérieur sécurisé indispensable*, *Je ne m’entends pas avec les chiens*

I’ve been really lucky. I’ve had a good life so far and been really loved in the two homes I’ve had. So I’m pretty confident and feel good around people. But there have always been a lot of cats around and I’ve never really had the amount of love I’ve wanted from my human family. That’s ok, I’ve basically just learnt to ask for it. I’m not shy about asking for a cuddle and I really love it you stop what you’re doing to bond with me.
I became a mum when I was just a young teenager and only one daughter, Lily, survived. She is my pride and joy and today, thanks to the care of my foster mum and me, she’s taller than I am and really beautiful and healthy. We’re pretty much the same age and are the best of friends. We play together all the time and love chasing things like insects and balls and laser points.
I’ve never met a dog, they sound pretty scary though. I’ve met some small human children before and they seem ok but sometimes when I’m getting a cuddle I use my claws to show my excitement and my foster mum keeps telling me I shouldn’t do that because it sometimes hurts. At the moment I have a big outdoor terrace and love to be out there if the weather is good. I guess a nice window sill where I can sunbathe would be ok if my forever home hasn’t got a garden or terrace but I’d love to be able to go outside if I could. I can’t wait to meet my forever mum and see my forever home. I can’t wait for it to be just Lily and me and my new family and to give and get all the love I need and want to give.


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