Lily (A adopter avec Mickette)

Lily (A adopter avec Mickette)

Sexe : Femelle

Age : 1 an

Race : Européen

En quelques mots : Sûre de moi, affectueuse, relaxed

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Mickette (A adopter avec Lily)

*Autre chat indispensable*, *J’aime les enfants*, *Accès extérieur sécurisé indispensable*, *Je ne m’entends pas avec les chiens*

Hi! My name’s Lily.
I’ve always been a happy cat. My mum and bestfriend Mickette had a harder start than I did but I arrived at my foster mum’s when I was just a few days old and the good life is all I’ve ever known. I think that makes me pretty uncomplicated. All I really want is to be safe, to be with people that love me and my mum and to be able to sleep somewhere warm and comfy, preferably on your bed. I like to sleep with my human family so that I can wake them up at 7am when it’s time for breakfast. I’ve lived with a lot of cats all my life (I’m already one year old!) and that’s ok, I’m pretty friendly and easy going with everyone. I don’t know about dogs, I can hear them barking when I’m on the terrace outside but I’ve never seen one. They sound scary though. I’ve met small people and big people and I like them if they’re nice to me. Wherever my forever home is, it’ll only be perfect if my mum is there too. She’s not really my mum anymore, she’s my bestfriend now. She’s only 4 months older than me so we are the same age and have a lot in common. We both like to play with the same things, and sleep at the same times (next to each other) and eat the same food. And sometimes I like to go outside on the terrace where there are insects and plants. I’m not really curious about what’s on the other side of the walls as there’s plenty to do on this side. Hope to meet you soon!


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