Sexe : Mâle

Age : 11 mois

Race : Européen

En quelques mots : Super chill, easygoing, quiet

En famille d’accueil à Uccle

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*J’aime les enfants*, *Les chiens me font peur*

HI there, I’m Tips. I’m called Tips because the only part of me that isn’t black is the tip of my tail which has a tiny bit of white. I’m the easiest going cat you’ll ever meet. I don’t make a lot of noise or ask for a lot of attention. I’m basically happy if there are people around or if you need to go to work and leave me alone for a while.
I’ve been surrounded by lots of cats all of my life and I tend to go to spaces where they leave me alone. My dream is to have a home where I’m the only cat or the other cat is also quiet and relaxed. I definitely wouldn’t like to live with a dog. As I’m super chill, I’m ok with children and, yeah sure, a terrace would be nice but it’s no big deal really. I would like a soft cushion though.
I do like to play and obviously I love a cuddle and love to have my family close by but I won’t bother you if you’re busy or wake you up in the morning for my breakfast. I understand if you need a bit more sleep in the morning.
I’m a tall and long cat with a really good natured personality. I don’t do a lot of running or chasing like the other cats I see (so I don’t break things like the other cats). I like to watch what’s going on – I’m more of a thinker – and I like to be gentle. I don’t usually boast but I had to tell you about me here and that’s the truth. If that sounds good to you, come and meet me.

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