Sexe : Mâle

Age : 1 an

Race : Européen

En quelques mots : Facile, un amour de chat

En famille d’accueil à Uccle

Je vous fais craquer ?

Devenez ma famille pour la vie : adoption@catpattes.be

 *J’ai peur des chiens*, *J’aime les petits humains*

Hi my name’s Taco. I’m really cute and cuddly. I’m also really easygoing and relaxed. My sister and I had a tough first few months. We come from a big family with lots of aunts and uncles and when we were born, we had lots of cousins born at the same time. But apart from Luna and me, they all died. So, I’m a miracle. I’m soft on the outside but I’m a tough on the inside – a real survivor! I like to have someone to play with and chase and roll around with so another cat my age would be nice but it’s not essential. I’m pretty easy with all kinds of humans too – as long as they’re kind to me. I don’t mind if you’re big or small – just don’t pull my tail please! If you have a garden or terrace, that’s great, but, if not, I like a window hammock to lie in and watch the street outside too. Mainly I just want a kind and loving family that will take care of me if I get sick (I sometimes get a cold) and let me live a relaxed and happy life.


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