Sexe : Femelle

Age : 2 ans 1/2

Race : Européen

En quelques mots : Adorable, pot-de-colle, zen

En famille d’accueil à Uccle

Je vous fais craquer ?

Devenez ma famille pour la vie :

*J’apprécie les jeunes enfants*

Hello, I’m Mia, and I’m just about the sweetest, softest cat you’ll ever meet. When I arrived at my foster mum’s I wasn’t sure what the future had in store for me so I hid a lot for the first month or so. I was used to living with a lot of cats in a really small apartment, and I’d already been a very busy cat mum for most of my life. And then everything changed and so did I. Slowly I learnt that it’s nice to have more living space, more cuddles and to not have to look after kittens all the time. I don’t mind that I still live with a few other cats because my foster mum gives me a lot of love and attention and I found out how much I want them. The best part of my day is when she watches TV or reads a book and she lets me lie on her chest and purr with happiness. And she likes it too. It will be a difficult transition for me to move again but I know my foster mum will find me a really loving and kind family who will tell me they love me and show me they love me everyday. I’m really gentle so I think I’ll be fine with small people as well as big people if they are gentle with me too. I’m not very adventurous so I don’t really need to go outside. A nice sunny corner of an apartment and a pot of cat grass is all the nature I need.

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