Sexe : Femelle

Age : 11 mois

Race : Européen

En quelques mots : Cautious, discreet, profoundly sweet

En famille d’accueil à Uccle

Je vous fais craquer ?

Devenez ma famille pour la vie :

*J’aime les enfants*, *Les chiens me font peur*

Hello, my name is Gnocchi. I’m not going to say too much about myself as I’m a bit shy, especially with people I don’t know. I wasn’t always shy but when my sister suddenly and unexpectedly died at 2 months, I was really shocked and realised that bad things can happen quickly and it made me more cautious. Even though I’m shy and seem quiet, I do like to be touched if you are gentle and I like if best when you rub my tummy. I like it so much a start to sing with little meows. Unlike other cats, I hardly ever use my claws and I don’t like to scratch people. My foster mum tells me I’m the sweetest little cat she’s ever met. I don’t think I’d like a dog. Sometimes other cats (except my brothers, sisters and cousins) can scare me so I think a dog would be really frightening. Once I get to know them, people don’t really scare me, big ones or small ones. Where I live now, there’s a great big terrace with lots of cushions. I like to go out there and sleep sometimes. I guess it wouldn’t matter if my forever home had a secure terrace but it would be nice. I would like my forever home to be a nice and friendly one where my new family will give me time to settle in and find my way around. I will be very loving after a while but I need to get to know you first. So if you come and see me, don’t be surprised if I act like I’m scared. See you soon,

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